Tuesday, July 15, 2014

That Time I Vacationed on a Private Island

One of my dear friends has a family lake house where she grew up spending a lot of her summer weekends. I was lucky enough to get an invite for a weekend escape from the city.

The coolest thing about this lake house? It's on it's own private island.

When she explained this to us, we were all a little confused. Danielle had her own private island? How had we not known she was so glamorous.

The conversation looked a little like this.

Without the kilts and beards of course.

The island is in Saranac Lake, right about here:

I drove up Friday night following my cousin's wedding and took backroads almost the entire three and a half hour drive. The full moon lit my way.

I arrived in time for a slice of pizza and to enjoy the bonfire.

I had to wait until the next day to actually see the island though. After exchanging travel stories and enjoying the fire, it was promptly time for bed.

I was the big winner with the Barney sheets.

Saturday was glorious. The girls were enjoying the morning sunshine when I woke up.

I took a peek around the rest of the house.

And checked out the island.

And it's spectacular views.

After breakfast we took a boat ride through the lake and up to a beach.

We picnicked lunched on the side of the boat. We weren't the only ones out taking in the sun.

There was some reading.

Even some dancing.

And a lot of lounging.

Then there was the cliff jumping.

This bad boy might not look that high but it's 20 feet off the water. I admit that I didn't partake. I was a little too nervous about losing my bathing suit when I hit the water.

Tori, Jess, and Danielle were more adventurous.

Then we headed back towards the island.

After wards there was some jet skiing and wake boarding. (I might have napped through this).

And some wipe outs.

Back at the island, we did some more lounging on the deck and grilled up our dinner.

 Burgers, potatoes, and veggies.

Then we set the table and enjoyed our feast.

Afterwards, we fired up the grill again and toasted some marshmallows and made my favorite: s'mores.

Then we escaped the mosquitos and settled around the table for a game of Cards Against Romance Tropes. 

This is basically Cards Against Humanity, but for Romance Readers. And I owe the lovely and talented writers and conference organizers at Chicago North's RWA Spring Fling for this lovely gem and the amazing laughs it inspired.

Jackie was the big winner.

Then it was time for bed.

Sunday morning after pancakes and coffee, tea, or hot chocolate, it looked a little like rain so we hung out inside.

I pulled up my iPad and read Nash by Jay Crownover which had been on my TBR list for a while. Jess also curled up on a recliner to read while some of the girls played Cards Against Humanity (the real game this time) in the other room.

When the sun came out, we pulled out the kayaks. 

The current turned out to be a little stronger than anticipated so it was quite a workout!

Then after a quick stop for the ice cream that Danielle had raved about all weekend, it was time to head home.

I promptly tilted my cone and lost all my ice cream.

And then did it again after they gave me a new one. I at least made it outside with the second cone.

I was hardly the only person this happened to which made me feel better. But after two strikes, I figured me and this ice cream wasn't meant to be.

On the way home, we drove through Lake Placid, home to two winter Olympics.

Danielle found Unraveling this this bookstore!

Then it was about five hours back to the city through a lot of rain and some traffic jams.

But well worth it. I'm kind of up for having my own private island some day.


BPatterson said...

That sounds like a fantastic weekend! (Also, don't forget that lake placid is also home of the giant crocodiles. Syfy says so.)

Anonymous said...

Living vicariously through your posts! Thanks for sharing snippets of your amazing life with us!

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