Monday, May 7, 2012

On Casting

In honor of Unraveling's first week in the world, I'm going to cast the characters for the Unraveling movie in my mind (and by "in my mind" I mean not real). Here's who I pictures as the main characters. (And of course, I would actually have no say in the casting if it was ever something that was more than just in my mind.)

Janelle Tenner

Hailee Steinfeld: I loved her in True Grit!


Young James Franco, from his Freaks and Geeks days


Taylor Kitsch

Now, if you were casting Unraveling, who would be in your movie?


Anonymous said...

First - love the book. seriously, damn good. Second - I love the 'cast' picks, couldnt have done better my fan-girl self. looooove it. Can't wait for the second :)

Adriana Gomes said...

That's a fine casting! Looking forward to Unbreakable.


Jena said...

I think you picked the PERFECT Janelle! And that's a hot Barclay, I knew I liked him! Honestly for Ben (I adore James Franco) but I kept picturing him as the cover model hahaha. I also think: Kyle Gallner, Drew Roy, Steven R. McQueen or Deigo Boneta would make good Bens as well.

elizabeth norris said...

Jena, I do adore the cover model!

Brigid Kemmerer said...

Taylor Kitsch seems to be making the rounds of YA novels these days. :-D

Bonnee Crawford said...

Ooh I think I'd have too much trouble casting for my own book... I can't imagine it being live-action, just animated :p

I'd totally watch the Unraveling movie just to perv on those boys (lets face it, movie is never as good as the book).

Peacey said...

Great book, loved it, and so happy there's a sequel in the works.

Jena said...


Anonymous said...

I would Love t be in the movie!!! LOL but I would serously see myself as Janelle :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi The Book was amazing! just saying. Also i was really wondering if there is going to be a sequel??? thanks!!!

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