Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Going for an Art Stroll

On Sunday, 24 artists in Northern Manhattan opened up their studios (and apartments) to let people come by and get an intimate glimpse at their work, work space, and the all-around creative process.

The Uptown Arts Stroll went from 162nd up to 218th, which worked out well for me since my apartment is smack dab in the middle.

I went with my neighbor, who's a lovely and talented artist herself, and two of her friends. We strolled through the neighborhood and took a few park detours.

The art was awesome, seeing into other people's lives (and the scoping out other apartment buildings in the neighborhood) was just as cool.

Here are a few of my favorite pieces.

Ashli Sisk does some really interesting paintings of animals that I adored. And even better she had so many great stories about the research that she did before she started painting.

I found myself in awe of Sky Pape. She works predominantly with ink and water (or ice/snow) and handmade paper in order to develop these amazing pieces.

 This one was ink and glycerin--and she blew bubbles onto the paper.

This marble sculpture was truly incredible. The artist is David Aquino. 

Thor Wickstrom and Jaye Fox are a husband and wife team so it was interesting to hear their story. They take turns painting or watching the children so the other one can paint. This is a painting of Central Park.

After that, it was a nice leisurely walk home.

There I treated myself to a movie and dinner with the dogs. (I saw Pompeii, which was actually quite good, even if it felt similar--and okay not quite as good as Gladiator, but Kit Harrington was pretty awesome. As were his abs.) 

All in all, a good Sunday. (The dogs agree)


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