Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Date Night Sushi

Two of my friends do date night once a week. Sort of like the Obamas. 

Last week, though, we all and a number of different things to celebrate and we decided to crash date night and make it a group party.

Handsome Paul (I am not actually sure how this nickname got started--Paul probably owes one of the guys for this) pulled us some strings and got us a reservation at Sushi Samba. We sat upstairs by the window.

We started with the Otsumami, which was an assortment of edamame, green bean tempura (my favorite), and shishito and of course drinks!

Then the fun really began. I had the Seviche de Mariscos which included lobster, crab, and shrimp in coconut milk--and in a real coconut. 

When I was finished I wished I hadn't eaten it so fast!

I resolved myself to pick at everyone else's meals too. 

Including the super fabulous coconut rice.

The Sea Bass skewers and peruvian corn were a particular favorite.

For those crazy people, like Danielle, who aren't fans of fish, there's more than just sushi here.

For dessert we did Samba S'mores--another Handsome Paul pick--and wow were they awesome. 

We had twelve people so everyone got a s'more. 

The gooey marshmallow outside was well suited to holding it over the fire.

Then inside was ice cream, cake, and chocolate--like an ice cream cake pop s'more.

I'm happy to crash Jaida and Paul's date nights any time. 


Petra Poet said...

I'd crashed too. Looks like a lot of fun and the food looks delicious.

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