Monday, May 12, 2014

A Cabin in the Woods

This past weekend I was lucky enough to go to an awesome writing retreat at the Highlights Foundation in the Pocanos.

It was pretty much like staying in a cabin in the woods.

But with good food and even better company.

I took a train and then a car ride out there. It was about 3 hours or so all together.

The barn was where we met for meals and talks.

And anyone who didn't want to stay in a cabin, could stay in the farmhouse or up at the main lodge.

I was both disappointed and relieved that this wasn't my cabin, facing the woods all creepy-like.

Before I left I went on a long walk on a trail. There was a creek and a lot of nature. And since I'm such I'm such a city girl, this was a lot of fun.

It was also pretty fun because a week earlier I started a new project, which includes a dead body in the woods.


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