Monday, March 18, 2013


It’s been almost a whole year since Unraveling was published, which means Unbreakable will be out in 36 days. (So will the Unraveling paperback).

I’m celebrating the release with Books of Wonder who is offering everyone the chance to PRE-ORDER Unbreakable and get a SIGNED book.

And the best news is, you won’t just get a signed book.

You’ll also get an EXLUSIVE Pre-Order Present.

You’ll get signed swag. And THIS:

It’s an EXTRA CONTENT BOOKLET which includes exclusive and never seen before scenes:

An Alternate Beginning
A Pivotal Scene from Ben's POV
A Pivotal Scene from Barclay's POV
An Alternate Ending

Here’s where you can pre-order!


Sarah (Escaping Through Books) said...

I just finished Unraveling and placed my preorder for Unbreakable with Books of Wonder! I can't wait to receive it and the generous additional goodies!

I'm off to purchase Undone for my Kindle to tie me over in the meantime!

horseandponyy said...

Hi! Will the bonus content be featured on this blog after the book is released? I am in Australia, and I am not willing to pay $35 shipping.

Love your books, and can't wait to see more Barclay!

Mmm.... Barclay. *drools*

Jessica @ Step Into Fiction said...

I'm assuming these can't be personalized, right?

Any luck you may do a signing at Books of Wonder in the near future?! :D That's my favorite bookstore!

elizabeth norris said...

I can personalize :)

And yes, I'm hoping to set something up at Books of Wonder. I love them.

elizabeth norris said...

And yes, I'll try to do something with the extra content for international readers later :)

Jessica @ Step Into Fiction said...

Oh, I didn't know that! Hmmm...I will definitely go place an order then, thank you! :)

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