Saturday, March 2, 2013

(A Little More) On Undone

UNDONEmy novella set in the world of Unraveling, will be out 3/5! That’s only 3 days away.
This was a really fun project for me, but it actually wasn't even my idea. 
My editor suggested it. She asked me if I’d be interested in writing a novella from Ben’s POV and if I had any stories that I wanted to tell from his perspective. As soon as she mentioned it, I knew exactly what I wanted to write.
Only instead of just one story I wanted to write three. 
In my mind, there are three major moments that impact the series that readers could never get from Janelle's point of view because she just couldn't ever be there. Those were the stories I wanted to tell.
The first story, "Before She Knew Me" is a prequel that takes place during Janelle and Ben’s sophomore year of high school and readers will be able to get to know more about what Ben was like before the events of Unraveling.
The second story, "When I Saved Her" takes place during the events of Unraveling and is the moment, Ben realized he loved Janelle.
The third story (and my favorite!), "After I Left Her" begins after the events of Unraveling and carries into the events of Unbreakable so there’s a little overlap between the two books. 
When I sat down to write each story, I already had an outline. Because I wrote these after writing both Unraveling and Unbreakable, it was very clear what needed to happen in the stories, plot-wise. 
But my favorite thing about novellas or stories written from a different perspective is the the fact that you discover something new and maybe unexpected about the characters and the world. (For instance one of my favorites was when I read Ender's Shadow and discovered the role Bean played in Ender's Game.) 
So my goal for writing the stories of Undone was to write them in a way that would allow readers to learn something new, not just about Ben, but also about Janelle and the world of Unraveling, and of course at the same time, that meant I just had to make sure that Ben's version of events and Janelle's version of events didn't create any inconsistencies. (Thank goodness for copyeditors!)
Now that it's about to come out, I can say that I'm really excited for Ben's voice to be out there in the world, and for readers to know him a little bit better.


Stacee said...

I am beyond excited for this. I can't wait for some Ben POV.


Anonymous said...

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Kelley Lynn said...

WOW! very cool

Lady March Pathway Atreides Jourdain Peixes the Eighth said...
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