Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Adventures in Tea

There is a place in the West Village known for it's amazing tea.

Jaida and I popped over there the other day to see what magic we could find. 

Inside, it's quaint and tiny and full of tea--it was only the two of us in there when we arrived, and it was a good thing. With several customers at a time, it'd be hard to move around.

It also smelled amazing.

I'm a fan of just about all kinds of tea, but I was especially in the mood for something fruity and decaf.

This is what I found.

One sniff and I knew this had to be mine (I seriously wish there was a way to turn this blog into a scratch and sniff post)!

The little shop was lovely and you can bet that I'm going to head back. If you're in NY and you have a thing for tea, you should definitely stop here.

After we left, we stopped into Sushisamba, a new favorite of mine. We were waiting for handsome Paul and the boyfriend, but we were suddenly starving.

I downed this amazing Berry mixed drink (non-alcoholic), and then we split some shishito peppers.

The boys showed up just after we'd finished, and we ate and talked and laughed before heading home.

As the night came to a close, I made some of my new tea before bed.

It tasted as good as it smelled.


Jen S said...

Wow this tea place looks so cool. I wish I had one near me. I also love your nails

elizabeth norris said...

Thanks Jen! The nails are actually Sally Hansen "Salon Effects" nail stickers. This color is called The Bold Rush. It took me a few tries to get the hang of putting them on, but they last 1-2 weeks and aren't hard on nails like gel.

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