Monday, August 4, 2014

A Secret Adventure

Last week Danielle asked if I had plans after work on Wednesday. I said I didn't. She replied, "You do now." It was time for a grand adventure.

I thought Danielle was the mastermind and that we were all at her mercy, but in fact Jaida, Jackie, and Jess were all in on it too and I was the only one who had no idea what we were doing.

Good thing I trust them....sometimes.

Danielle did not get stuck in the subway doors this time which was a good thing. We headed down to the Lower East Side.

And headed into an alley. 


Per usual, Jaida humored me with poses while everyone else tolerated/ignored my picture taking.

At the end of the alley was a restaurant: Freemans. This is one of the many hidden restaurants and bars all over the city, and naturally, we're interested in checking out all of them.

Inside was a cozy restaurant decorated with candles, flowers, and some taxidermy (not my favorite but it made the place feel rustic). There was even a Neil Gaiman look-a-like tending bar. 

We got our table--right under this guy.

With this view.

And we chatted and ogled the menu. Then we ordered and chatted some more. Then the food arrived.

It was a glorious surprise. It didn't end there though. For dessert, I talked everyone into heading over to BabyCakes for gluten free cupcakes (for Jaida). All their desserts are vegan and gluten free, kosher, and low on sugar.

We were quite absorbed when we first arrived. There were so many gluten free options.

Danielle, Jess, and Jackie all ended up with lemon cupcakes.

Jaida went for a churro and some cookies to go.

I stuck with my favorite: red velvet.

We sat outside and ate and people watched and then we noticed the cutest hipster gift store ever: Top Hat.

They have everything from cards and stationary to old books that have been hollowed out to hold flasks, and things to put on your feet to make you sound like a horse.

So yeah, naturally that's how the night ended.


Tez Miller said...

I would've gone for the churro & cookies, too - well chosen, Jaida :-)

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