Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring in Italy, a Photo Recap

I wasn't up for another winter storm so I jumped on a plane and ran away to Italy.

Okay, not really.

I went to Italy for work (yay for work trips to Italy--I love my job), but I did plan to go a few days early and make a vacation stop on the way back. Because if I was going to Italy where it wouldn't be snowing, I had to make the most of it.

That meant some really great food.

This included my favorite restaurant which is down one of those dark secluded alleys.

And where only the bus boys spoke much English.

I, of course, had the gnocchi. It melted in my mouth it was so good.

I did a few fancy restaurants.

 I had a lot of great pasta. 

And then some great Italian main courses.

There was a lot of Prosecco.

And a lot of cheese.

Um yeah, this is parmesan cheese chunks in a bowl make completely of parmesan. Yes. This is a thing.

But there were also some casual meals and some good salads. 

Because I needed to save room for the gelato.

I did more than just eat though, I promise.

I saw a few sights.

Some were less planned than others.

This fountain is in the main public square. And I still can't really get over the sculpture...

I stumbled across this church looking for the restaurant where I was meeting a few colleagues.

I climbed one of the "two towers"--Torre Asinelli.

It's a little over 800 steps to the top. Wooden steps. Originally constructed back in the 11th century, though thankfully they've been reinforced since then.

It was at times, a tight fit.

But the views were worth it.

And of course, because nothing in my life is complete without books, there were also a lot of really cool book things to see as well.


Evie Hoff said...

I was just in Italy a week and a half ago for spring break! We had about two and a half hours in Bologna on our way to Venice. It was beautiful, along with everything else! :)

sarah corbin said...

The pictures are good!! I love the way Italy looks from above.. that statue was...something.. In one of the pictures it looks like a monkey looking under that lady's skirt.. I never have been out of the states before so seeing Italy's phone numbers were kind of odd.. I always hear that the food over there is good!!

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