Monday, April 14, 2014

Birthday Celebration, Round 2

While my actual birthdate fell on my last night in Italy, I needed a London celebration as well. (Because if you're in London, that's a good excuse to celebrate your birthday twice.)

In Italy I did dinner and drinks with a some friends and colleagues. In London, the boyfriend and I did the V&A and one of the best dinners I think I've ever had. Ever.

The V&A was fabulous: art, fashion, and even a medieval staircase. It was an amazing.

Here are some of my favorite V&A shots.

For dinner, we went to Christophers.

I'd read about how amazing it was and wow it lived up to expectations.

The restaurant is in Covent Garden. We arrived a little early and sat at the Martini Bar on the first floor.

The boyfriend had a dirty gin martini with extra olives. I went for the "New York Tart."

I don't remember exactly what was in it, but it was sweet and wonderful and I think it's my new favorite drink ever.

After our martinis, we went upstairs to the restaurant.

We started with another round of martinis (I had a fruity one this time) and tuna tartare.

Then we had our meal.


Salmon with Risotto.

Lobster Mac n Cheese.

Sweet Potato Fries.

It was all delicious.

Even better was the dessert. The boyfriend got some cognac. Since it was my birthday, I went big. Nutella Martini and a brownie with ice cream.

Afterwards, we were both stuffed and decided to walk home. The scenic walk was lovely--we passed Trafalgar Square and then Buckingham Palace.

Probably the best birthday to date!


Angelica R. Jackson said...

Wow! How could you ever top that??? I guess you'll have to hit a big, romantic city for every birthday (NYC doesn't count)!

elizabeth norris said...

I like that idea! :)

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