Monday, February 3, 2014


I'm Slevin.

Mom got sick.

It's okay though. I'm taking care of her.

I'm taking care of everything.

That's Fate.

She loves me.

Really, she does.

She loves me even more than she loves her green ball.

With Mom sleeping, we did lots of fun stuff.


I even found this fuzzy thing that sometimes squeaks.

And I scared an intruder.

He was so scared he left his box of food.

We sniffed it and mom put it in the cold box.

Then we did more fun stuff.

We played ball.

When it got lost, I helped her find it.

Then we played more ball together.

When Mom woke up we all hung out.

The big black box lit up.

It was hard work.

But I was up for it.


JoSVolpe said...

!!! So. Cute.

Natalie said...

Those faces!!! They're so sweet!!!! :)

Amy Baker said...

Loved this post! Freakin' adorable! Hope you're feeling better soon, Elizabeth.

elizabeth norris said...


Karen said...

So freaking precious!! I LOVE dogs!!

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