Friday, January 10, 2014

Foggy Friday

I've spent this past week working from home because I'm visiting my parents.

My mom teaches pre-school, which is to say she has a lot of patience (today, a student drew red dots all over herself with a marker). And my dad works in roofing and siding--he works with contractors--and he coaches the swim team. He got into coaching because I was a swimmer, but he still coaches and I haven't been a swimmer in over 12 years, so this must be his labor of love.

This isn't where I grew up (which is a good thing because the hot water only stays hot for a few minutes at a time and my teenage self would have had many meltdowns about that). But now they live in a cute little town called Bristol Borough.

It's sandwiched between the Delaware River (south of where George Washington crossed)...

(This is the view behind the library by the way). 

...and the canal, which conveniently has a nice running trail along side of it.

Since today was slightly warmer than the last few days have been. I donned my running shoes and went out for a jog.

(I made these at Nike ID on 5th avenue--the green glows in the dark!--they're cool enough to be an incentive to wear them)

Despite how much warmer it was today, there was still a lot of ice--on the canal, floating down the river, and also on the sidewalks (which was a nice excuse for me to pause and walk a few many times).

(If I hung out with these guys, I'd be trying to migrate south. Actually I think I'd relocate south.)

(the trial includes this beautifully creepy-in-today's-foggy-weather path)
Bristol has been around forever (at least for a small American town). It's full of old homes, with porches and balconies, perched on brick sidewalks (which get really icy!). 

My favorites are the Victorian ones, especially this one, which is on the same street as my parents' house. It's especially festive over the winter.

The "main" street is full of cafes and shops (including two tattoo parlors). My stomach growled as I ran up the street--one of the cafes was definitely making cinnamon rolls or something quite divine.

It leads right to the river, and the ferry station (only open when it's warmer)

 On my way back towards the house, I ran by the Amish market and furniture store.

I stopped inside...

And ended up with a potted basil plant to take home to the NY apartment. It was the only thing I really have space for!

Now I've got a cup of tea and some edits to work on. 

I head back to NY tomorrow, which I'm happy about. The dogs quite like it here with the whole backyard and the extra space and sunlight that comes through the window in the afternoon. 

And of course, they like that they're allowed to get up on the couch whenever they want.

All in all, it's been a good week and this was a good Friday evening. But I can't wait to be home. 


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