Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Churros 'n' Chocolate on Mulberry St

Last night after work, I went with some friends for dinner--and chocolate.

Yes it this is as good as it looks.

My lovely friend Sarah recently got back from Argentina and it's a good thing. She had a craving for churros and chocolate and found this little gem of a restaurant on Mulberry St by hunting around online for New York restaurants with this amazing dessert on their menu. The only churros I had ever had before were from Taco Bell (I know, I'm pathetic) and trust me, these were much better.

The weather was pretty nasty and trekking down south of 14th street always makes me cranky. There's no grid and I'm always getting turned around and it takes longer to get home, but I trusted Sarah so I grumbled just a little and went anyway.

We arrived on Mulberry St at the address Sarah mentioned to find a tiny Spanish cafe (next to a Paella bar which is where you can bet we're going very soon in the future). La Churreria is my favorite kind of NY restaurant: small and delicious. It's also easy to pass by--so going in, it felt a little like discovering a secret.


Inside, we perused the menu and ordered some drinks.

(oh and yeah, that's 12 churros and amazing melted chocolate for just $10)

We made Sarah order the tapas we were going to share. She sounds so elegant when she speaks Spanish whereas I fumble through sounding clearly someone who can only say "Abran los libros" (in other words, someone who took three years of Spanish in high school and cannot speak it at all).

This is Patatas Bravas and it was spicy and incredible.

Whereas these two sandwiches are the Bikini (a Barcelona Grilled Cheese) and the Vegetariano (you can guess what's in that.

And then we had the churros--and chocolate. (It came like that with the heart-shaped churros, you have my word).

(don't worry, we ate those last four)

All in all, it was quite a fabulous night. We're already planning to head back.


Farrah Penn said...

This looks so fun! I absolutely love discovering local places. They always seem to be so much more homey-er. I'm so jealous of all that deliciousness.

I saw you loved The Londoner! I am obsessed with lifestyle blogs. You should also check out,,and --I think you'd like them too!


elizabeth norris said...

Thanks Farrah! I'll definitely check out these lifestyle blogs. I'm all about them right now :)

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