Wednesday, May 29, 2013

BEA Giveaway #1

Today I went to Editor's Buzz Panel and managed the grab five books that I'm going to offer up to anyone who wasn't able to be there!

All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior: this "parenthood" book stemmed from an article which appeared in New York Magazine. It was titled "I love my kids, I hate my life." Told with the same humor and insight, this narrative work of non-fiction is explores the frustrations and the joys of modern parenting. [no cover image]

Knocking on Heaven's Door: The Path to a Better Way of Death by Katy Butler: An exquisitely written, expertly reported memoir and exposé of modern medicine that leads the way to more humane, less invasive end-of-life care—based on the author’s acclaimed New York Times Magazine piece. This is the story of one daughter’s struggle to allow her parents the peaceful, natural deaths they wanted—and to investigate the larger forces in medicine that stood in the way.

The Affairs of Others by Amy Grace Loyd: This mesmerizing debut novel about a young woman, haunted by loss, who rediscovers passion and possibility when she’s drawn into the tangled lives of her neighbors.

The Facades by Eric Lundgren: Along the streets of the once-great Midwestern city of Trude, the ornate old buildings lie in ruin. Shrouded in disappointment andnostalgia, Trude has become a place to “lose yourself,” as one tourist brochure puts it: a treacherous maze of convoluted shopping malls, barricaded libraries, and elitist assisted-living homes. One night at Trude’s opera house, the theater’s most celebrated mezzo-soprano vanishes during rehearsal. When police come up empty-handed, the star’s husband, a disconsolate legal clerk named Sven Norberg, must take up the quest on his own.

Hitler's Furies: German Women in the Nazi Killing Fields by Wendy Lower: This stunning account of the role of German women on the Nazi eastern front--not only as plunderers and direct witnesses, but as actual killers--powerfully revises history. Many young nurses, teachers, secretaries, and wives saw the emerging Nazi empire as a kind of "wild east" of opportunity--and yet could not have imagined what they would do there.

And that's it.

These five books. One winner. You have until Saturday night to enter!

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Steph said...

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! :)

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